2006-2008 Grand Forks County Queries

2008 Queries

Sue Canavan
Date: 18 April 2008

Hotel owner in Grand Forks, went to Yukon Territories during the Alaska gold rush late 1890's and opened Globe Hotel there.
It is thought that WINIFRED WARD, a cook in the YT was his niece who was b. IL and went with his family.
Sue Canavan

2006 Queries

Ethel Beard Simons

My query is for Grand Forks, North Dakota. The Winamac Bridge Co., of Winamac, Indiana, put up a lot of bridges in the county.
John W. Frain and C. L. Bader were the salesmen in the region.
John Frain was a Civil Engineer and my Gr. Uncle.
Since one of the 1905 Winamac Bridges has survived and is being restored, I am searching for all I can find on them.
That includes pictures of the bridges put up in your area around 1907 according to newspaper items in the Winamac, Indiana papers.
Any help will be most appreciated.
Mr. Frain was manager of the Northwest Division, and also a dredger.
Thanks ahead of time.

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