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This file contains the names of 179 men who belonged to the Willis A. Gorman
Post No. 6 of G.A.R. Veterans, Grand Forks, ND. This list was included in the book,
"Grand Forks County North Dakota in the World War", published by The Page Printerie,
Inc., collecting of photographs and data and editing of Service Section in charge of
Lieut. Clarence L. Hassell (1920). This file was compiled by Joy Fisher
L Name        F Name        State                      Unit                    Deceased in 1920   Page No  Comments
Ackerman      William                                                                  x            184
Allen         John            NY                 Co. K, 8th Cav.                                    185
Allen         John C.         NY                 Co. K, 8th Inf.                                    184
Alway         Thomas R.       IL               Co. A 70th Vol. Inf.                                 185
Anderson      C. P.           MN                 Co. H, 7th Inf.                       x            184
Ardell        Marion                                                                   x            185
Armstrong     Edward H.       NY                 Co. I, 118th Inf                                   185
Augleberg     John                                                                     x            185
Bailey        S. H.                                                                                 184
Barker        E. R.                                                                                 185
Barnes        S. J.           PA                 Co. I, 45th Inf.                                   186
Barton        Robert                                                                                184
Bean          J. A.           NH                 Co. F, 11th Inf.                                   185
Beck          J. E.                                                                                 185
Beers         Johnstone       MN                 Co. H, 7th Inf.                       x            184
Bell          W. H.                                                                    x            184
Benson        George                                                                                184
Bilbie        Henry G.                                                                              184
Blair         D. P.                                                                    x            184
Blanchette    Louis           OH               Co. M, 13th Cavalry                     x            185
Bratton       Thomas                                                                   x            185
Bristol       B. F.           WI               Co. B, 3rd Infantry                     x            184
Brown         Charles A.                                                                            184
Brown         William H.      MA               Co. B, 70th Infantry                    x            182
Brulaka       Brunella                  Co. B, Hatches Independent Cavalry                          185
Brunell       Belena                                                                   x            184
Burrows       A. S.           NY                 Co. D, 27th Inf.                      x            184
Byrne         Thomas E.                                                                             184
Cable         David W.                                                                              185
Callaghan     James D.        IL               Co. I 88th Vol. Inf.                                 185
Carnathan     William         MN                 Co. C, 7th Inf.                       x            185
Caswell       M. T.                                                                    x            182
Catlin        Sage A.                                                                               185
Cavanaugh     John J.                                                                  x            182
Chamberlain   J. N.                                                                    x            184
Chappel       M. D.           OH                 Co. G, 6th Inf.                                    184
Church        J. R.                                                                    x            185
Clair         James           NJ                 Co. A, 95th Inf.                                   185
Clemmer       Charles H.                                                                            184
Clyde         Arthur W.                                                                             185
Coleman       F. W.                                                                                 185
Collins       W. T.                                                                                 182
Cooper        C. H.           OH            Co. C, 1st Light Artillery                              185

Coyle         William B.                                                                            185
Crain         E. C.           WI            Co. D & E, 3rd & 50th Inf.                              182
Cross         Eben G.         MN                 Co. M, 1st Cav.                                    185
Cunningham    J. B.           IA                 Co. G, 35th Inf.                                   185
Curran        James           NY                 Co. E, 95th Inf.                                   185
Daniels       A. A.           WI                 Co. H, 30th Inf.                                   185
Day           Henry H.                                                                 x            184
Deitz         Frederick                                                                             184
Dinney        M. A.                                                                                 184
Dow           L. F.                                                                                 184
Dow           Wilder B.       OH            Co. C, 1st Light Artillery                              185
Duncan        J. C.           IA                 Co. E, 20th Inf.                                   184
Dyke          George K.                                                                             184
Eastman       H. B.                                                                                 185
Engel         Matheis         WI            Co. K, 1st Heavy Artillery                              185
Ephraim       H. J.                                                                    x            184
Erickson      Erick                                                                                 185
Estabrook     Franklin                                                                              184
Fadden        Richard         MN                 Co. B, 4th Inf.                       x            185
Farnsworth    S. L.                                                                                 184
Ferris        A. M.                                                                                 184
Foley         Frank                                                                    x            184
Forsyth       George A.       IL                Co. E, 144th Inf.                                   185
Fox           Thomas                                                                                185
Freeman       Charles                                                                  x            184
Freeman       Lewis                                                                                 184
Gallagher     Ed.             WI                 Co. A, 12th Inf.                                   186
George        J. N.                                                                                 184
Gilby         Peter                                                                                 184
Glidden       Charles O.                                                                            185
Goodbev       Ambrose         MN                 Co. B, 11th Inf.                      x            185
Goodhue       L. P.                                                                                 184
Goodwin       A. J.           WI                 Co. A, 30th Inf.                      x            184
Gould         John                              Co. D, 103rd Inf.                                   185
Graber        Charles L.      NY                Co. D, 148th Inf.                      x            185
Gray          Silas W.                                                                              185
Grovenor      Abel                                                                     x            184
Hackney       H. J.                                                                    x            184
Hagness       M. T.                                                                    x            184
Hanscom       F. W.                                                                                 185
Haverland     Richard J.      WI                 Co. A, 5th Inf.                       x            185
Hexom         O.                                                                       x            184
Higgins       John                                                                                  184
Hillberg      John                                                                     x            182
Hinman        Henry G.                                                                 x            184
Howe          A. C.                                                                    x            185
Hunt          Z. M.                                                                                 184
Hutchins      John                                                                                  184

Isaacson      Isaac           NY                 Co. I, 83rd Inf.                      x            185
Isaacson      Lars                                                                                  184
Itzkin        George                                                                                185
James         William         WI                 Co. C, 32nd Inf.                      x            185
Johnson       Christopher                                                                           184
Johnson       Iver M.         MN            Co. A, 1st Mounted Rangers                 x            184
Jones         David D.        OH                Co. D, 117th Inf.                                   186
Jones         David D.                                                                              184
Karlan        Rudolph                                                                               185
Kerr          Thomas          NY                 Co. B, 11th Cav.                                   185
King          James S.        MN                 Co. D, 11th Inf.                                   185
Kingsland     J. P.                                                                                 185
Kirkland      E. W.                                                                                 184
Knudson       A.              WI                  20th Vol. Inf.                       x            182
Koons         James                                                                                 184
Krause        W. O.                                                                                 182
La Tourette   Peter                                                                                 184
Lafaivre      Joseph                                                                                185
Lalley        James           RI                 Co. F, 3rd Cav.                       x            185
Listoe        S. E.                                                                    x            184
Loran         Thomas                                                                   x            184
Lowrey        C. T.                                                                                 184
Lucas         James                                                                                 184
Luke          D. W.           PA            Co. H, 5th Heavy Artillery                              182
Martin        John H.         NY                 Co. F, 56th Inf.                                   185
McClellan     William B.                                                                            184
McCollough    William                                                                  x            184
McGillips     A. H.                                                                                 184
McSkimire     James                                                                                 185
Miller        H. R.           OH                 Co. B, 26th Inf.                                   185
Miller        James                                                                                 184
Miller        James L.        IL                Co. B, 119th Inf.                                   185
Monrean       Joseph          WI                 Co. D, 26th Inf.                      x            184
Moosette      J. B.           MA               Co. E, 42nd Infantry                    x            184
Munson        Thomas                                                                   x            184
Murphy        J. L. D.        IL                  148th Cavalry                        x            186
Neal          L. C.                                                                                 184
Odley         James                                                                                 184
Oldham        Alexander                                                                x            184
Olson         Ole             MN                 Co. E, 2nd Inf.                       x            184
O'Neale       J. M.           MN                 Co. I, 1st Inf.                       x            184
Osborne       James                                                                    x            184
Parsons       W. E.                                                                                 184
Peck          Flavius J.      OH                Co. B, 3rd Cavalry                                  185
Phillips      Chester R.      MI             Co. B, 1st Sharpshooters                  x            186
Pierce        A. J.           MI     Co. G, US Marine Vol; Co. G, 19th Inf.                         185
Pierson       N. B.                                                                                 184
Preston       A. W.           WI                 Co. E, 1st Cav.                       x            184

Raymond       L. K.           IL                Co. I, 8th Cavalry                     x            185
Reed          George W.                                                                x            184
Revoire       August                                                                                185
Richardson    Edward R.                                                                             184
Richmond      J. L.                                                                                 184
Robbins       Rufus           WI   Co. C, 46th Inf; Co. F, 18th Inf;USS Great Western               185
Rogers        Adam                                                                                  184
Rounsvell     A. T.                                                                                 184
Sanner        R. R.                                                                                 184
Santos        John R.                                                                  x            184
Secord        Henry M.        MI                Co. H, 5th Cavalry                     x            185
Selby         W. A.                                                                    x            184
Severine      Benjamin                                                                              185
Shandell      W. R.                                                                                 184
Smart         J. C.                                                                                 185
Smith         E.              NY                    56th Inf.                          x            182
Smith         John                                                                                  185
Smith         Peter           IA                 Co. F, 6th Cav.                       x            185
Snider        John H.                                                                               184
Sprague       Homer B.                                                                 x            184    former president of UND
Stahler       Daniel S.                                                                             184
Standish      W. H.           OH                Co. K, 153rd Inf.                                   185
Strong        D. P. R.                                                                 x            185
Thompson      Thomas                                                                                184
Tipton        Samuel          IA                 Co. I, 10th Inf.                      x            185
Topping       W. H.                                                                    x            184
Trahn         T. M.                                                                                 184
Vanlin        Nelson          WI                 Co. D, 3rd Inf.                                    185
Walker        James                                                                                 184
Walsh         George H.                                                                x            184
Walsh         Thomes                                                                   x            184
Ward          Thomas          MO                 Co. L, 4th Cav.                       x            184
Washer        Joseph                                                                                185
Wehe          Charles L.                                                               x            185
Welker        Martin                                                                                184
Weller        Leroy                                                                    x            184
West          Leonard                                                                  x            184
Wheeler       George A. (Sr.) MN                 Co. F, 7th Inf.                       x            184
Winship       George B.       MN                   2nd Cavalry                                      182
Woodward      Eli B.                                                                                185

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